18 August, 2016

EurekaLog 7.5 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.5 version.

EurekaLog Logo
EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, and JIRA).
EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

To learn more about EurekaLog, please visit our website at:

To download a demo, please visit:

If you would like to purchase a new license, please visit:

  1. Important: Installation layout was changed. All packages now have version suffix (e.g. EurekaLogCore240.bpl). No files are copied to \bin folder of IDE. Run-time package (EurekaLogCore) is copied to Windows\System32 folder. Refer to help for more info.
  2. Added: RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support
  3. Added: IDE F1 help integration (on CHM-based IDEs only, i.e. XE8+)
  4. Added "--el_injectjcl", "--el_createjcl", and "--el_createdbg" command-line options for ecc32/emake to inject JEDI/JCL debug info, create .jdbg file, and create .dbg file (Microsoft debug format). Later is supported when map2dbg.exe tool is placed in \Bin folder of EurekaLog installation (separate download is required)
  5. Added: Exception2HRESULT in EAppDLL to simplify developing DLLs with "DLL" profile
  6. Added: Use ShellExecute option for mailto send method
  7. Added: "Mandatory e-mail only when sending" option
  8. Added: Exception line highlighting in disassember view in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer
  9. Added: Detection/logging Delphi objects in disassembly view
  10. Added: Support for multi-monitor info
  11. Added: Support for detection of Windows 10 updates
  12. Added: OS edition detection
  13. Added: "User" and "Session" columns to processes list, processes list is also sorted by session first
  14. Added: Support for showing current user processes only
  15. Added: Expanding environment variables for "Support URL"
  16. Fixed: Range-check error on systems with MBCS ACP
  17. Fixed: 64-bit shared memory manager may not work
  18. Fixed: Possible "Unit XYZ was compiled with a different version of ABC" when using packages
  19. Fixed: FastMM shared MM compatibility
  20. Fixed: Minor bugs in stack tracing (which usually affected stacks for leaks)
  21. Fixed: Rare deadlocks in multi-threaded applications
  22. Fixed: Taking screenshot of minimized window
  23. Fixed: NT service may not log all exceptions
  24. Fixed: SSL port number for Bugzilla
  25. Fixed: Disabling "Activate Exception Filters" option was ignored
  26. Fixed: Missing FTP proxy settings
  27. Fixed: IntraWeb support is updated up to 14.0.64
  28. Fixed: Retrieving some process paths in processes list
  29. Fixed: CPU view rendering in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer
  30. Fixed: Some issues in naming threads
  31. Fixed: Removed exported helper _462EE689226340EAA982C5E8307B3F9E function (replaced with mapped file)
  32. Changed: Descriptions of EurekaLog project options now list corresponding property names of TEurekaModuleOptions class.
  33. Changed: Default template of HTML/web dialog now includes call stack by default
  34. Changed: EurekaLog 7 now can be installed over EurekaLog 6 automatically, with no additional actions/tools