19 December, 2011

EurekaLog Users Survey

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Announcing public EurekaLog 7 beta

Get a free EurekaLog 7 license! ;)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the first EurekaLog 7 public beta.

Using EurekaLog 6 and EurekaLog 7 on the same machine and/or in the same IDE version

Importat Note (April 2015): as of EurekaLog 7.2 - the parallel installation is no longer supported in EurekaLog 7.2-7.4. Please, follow these guidelines to install EurekaLog 6 and 7.2-7.4 on the same machine/IDE.

Starting with EurekaLog 7.5+ additional tools is included into EurekaLog installer, so it is possible to automatically install EurekaLog 7 over EurekaLog 6. "Manage" tool for EurekaLog 6 will be installed automatically by EurekaLog 7.5+ installer.

Information below is applicable only for EurekaLog 7.0 and 7.1.

If you want to try EurekaLog 7, but can't abandon EurekaLog 6 yet (because you use it in your projects) - you can install them both.


To put this short:
  1. Install EurekaLog 6
  2. Install EurekaLog 7
  3. Use "Manage" Start menu item to switch between EurekaLog 6 and 7
Warning: only EurekaLog 6.1.x is supported for parallel installation with EurekaLog 7. Old EurekaLog 6.0.x will not work.

EurekaLog and XE2 update 3

Update 3 for RAD Studio XE2 (Delphi and C++ Builder) has broken working of EurekaLog.