15 December, 2009

EurekaLog 6.0.22 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 6.0.22 version.

01 December, 2009

That annoying “Source file not found” dialog

If you don’t have Enterprise edition of EurekaLog (the one, that comes with sources) – sometimes you may encounter “Source file not found” dialog like this:

What is this dialog? And what does it want from you?

10 November, 2009

Tips & Tricks in EurekaLog, part 1

Many our customers often ask trivial questions about how to do different things with EurekaLog. Well, we have a bit of documentation (chm-file and online one), which describes some public internals, which you can use to customize default behavior. Apparently, this is “dictionary”-like style documentation. In order to use it, you must study all pieces and then come with some way of putting them together to get the desired behavior. Looks like this is too much work for many people, as they continue to ask trivia questions like “My application runs in unattended environment. How can I disable EurekaLog's dialog?”.

13 October, 2009

Getting support from EurekaLog team


There are several ways to contact EurekaLog's team:

28 September, 2009

EurekaLog 6.0.21 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 6.0.21 version.

18 August, 2009

Check your Delphi’s installation – it may be infected

First of all, a brief disclaimer:
This is not a notice about virus in EurekaLog! Please, do not misread/misunderstand this blog’s post.

May be EurekaLog’s blog is a bit unsuitable for this kind of post, but I decided to post it here anyway. The reason for this is that this threat is quite new, so not all anti-viruses can detect it (I’m aware only of Kaspersky’s anti-virus), it appears that large part of Russian Delphi’s developers are infected with this thing (not sure about other communities), and, finally, I’ve spotted a suspicious support tickets, that may be caused by this.

11 August, 2009

(Re)Installation of EurekaLog

The new RC is going out today, so I decided that it’s perfect time to write about (re)installation process. Some of you may have troubles with it, while most other don’t.

28 July, 2009

How to read bug-reports

Well, recently I’ve noticed that there are many people, who have certain difficulties with reading and/or understanding bug-reports. There are many related questions both on support and forums. While it is quite surprising for me, it looks like there is a problem, which need to be solved.

26 May, 2009

Catching memory leaks

Before return to discussion of other ways to catch "bad" pointers - I wanted to talk about memory leaks and tools for its diagnostics. As we'll see later, this topic is very close related to our previous talk.

12 May, 2009

Access Violation in details

Exception of class EAccessViolation is most common error in Delphi applications. Today I want to discuss it, its reasons and how to deal with it. This article is mostly for beginners, so it can contain not very accurate phrases.

29 April, 2009

EurekaLog 6.0.20 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 6.0.20 version.

28 April, 2009

Why should you always use FreeAndNil instead of Free

Today I want to discuss the idea of using FreeAndNil routine instead of Obj.Free.

21 April, 2009

Optimal project settings

Today I want to discuss various project's options, related to debugging.

14 April, 2009

EurekaLog for Shareware developers

Hi. Today I want to browse EurekaLog's features that is related to shareware developers.

07 April, 2009

Compiling from the command Line

One of the areas where questions often arise is in compilation from the command line. So I thought we would have a closer look at how command line compilation works, why it is needed and what the various options are available when you need to use it.

31 March, 2009

EurekaLog's anti-freeze feature

As you know, EurekaLog is a great tool to catch exceptions in your application. Though there are some cases which you want to consider as "bugs", but there is no exception to catch it!

28 February, 2009

Integrating SmartInspect and EurekaLog

Integrating SmartInspect's logging capabilities and EurekaLog's exception reporting mechanism is a great way to improve the reliability of your Delphi applications.

23 January, 2009

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new EurekaLog blog!