09 October, 2020

EurekaLog causes AccessViolation?

We were contacted by a person who complained that his application was working fine until he added EurekaLog to it. An AccessViolation exception was raised after adding EurekaLog to project. The message was: "Access violation at address 00E15025 in module 'Project.exe'. Read of address 83EC8B69". And the stack was:
  • Contoso.pas TContosoEventMessage.BasePerform
  • Vcl.Forms.pas TApplication.WndProc
  • System.Classes.pas StdWndProc
  • Vcl.Forms.pas TApplication.HandleMessage
  • Vcl.Forms.pas TApplication.Run
  • Project.dpr Initialization
(all names have been replaced; Contoso represents some well-known library for Delphi).