22 February, 2021

EurekaLog + VirusTotal = unforeseen consequences

We were contacted by a person who reported unforeseen consequences of uploading EurekaLog-enabled application to the VirusTotal service.

It was like this: the client compiled an application with EurekaLog. The application was configured to send bug reports by e-mail. He uploaded the compiled application to the VirusTotal website, and got a scan result that everything is fine.

So far, everything is quite typical. The strange things started the next day, when the client received an e-mail with bug report from EurekaLog. The weird thing was that the client did not launch the application, and he did not distribute/deploy it. And the report itself looked... unusual.

03 February, 2021

EurekaLog causes EOutOfResources (Out of system resources)?

We were contacted by a person who complained that his application was working fine until he added EurekaLog to it. An "Out of system resources" exception was raised after adding EurekaLog to project. The exception occurred inside the OutOfResources helper function from the Vcl.Graphics unit.

01 February, 2021

EurekaLog 2020 Survey Results

Recently we ran a survey of EurekaLog users. We asked questions that will help us improve EurekaLog.

Survey participants were automatically added to our big giveaway drawing.

Today, we picked 3 lucky winners at random to receive some valuable prizes.