03 April, 2017

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support is available

We have just released a new EurekaLog build with RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support.

Changelog (since
  1. Important: Debug information format was completely changed. Be sure to test your applications
  2. Important: Added a major upgrade to bug tracker code. Be sure to test your applications
  3. Important: BugID generation alg was changed. Be sure to test your applications
  4. Important: EurekaLog will now store configuration in .eof file instead of .dof, .bdsproj, .dproj, etc.
  5. Added: Support for 10.2 Tokyo
  6. Added: ecc32 will now modify uses list in your .dpr file to match specified configuration
  7. Added: --el_prepare switch is added to be used when --el_alter_exe is used
  8. Added: New option to stip all string names from debug information and store it in external file
  9. Added: Debug information's and ZIP's passwords are now saved locally on developer machine - to be used by application and Viewer (this simplifies local debugging when passwords are set). OnPasswordChange event will not be called
  10. Added: New "--el_password=debug-info-password" command-line option can be passed to application to decrypt encrypted debug information. OnPasswordChange event will not be called
  11. Added: Our own implementation of XML, XML-RPC, and SOAP. We no longer use RTL's implementation, therefore now we have support for bug tracker's API even on old IDEs
  12. Added: New options for bug trackers (new fields, append call stack instead of full bug report, links, text limits)
  13. Added: A helper "Connect" button in EurekaLog project options dialog to retrieve project names, users, field names, components, areas, and other info for bug tracker
  14. Added: Working hyper-links support in bug tracker success message via TaskDialogs (Vista+)
  15. Added: BugID tab in EurekaLog project options dialog - allowing you to customize uniqueness without writing OnCustomBugID event handler
  16. Added: New column in call stack: "Source" (e.g. actual .pas file name)
  17. Added: Threads selection to hang detection page
  18. Added: Support for MessageBox from NT services
  19. Added: "Lookup Error" option in Viewer - there is a new toolbar, as well as new context menu item for "General" tab
  20. Added: ELogging unit implements log capabilities. EurekaLog will stream log into CodeSite-compatible format. Currently it has no UI control. Use ELogReopen function to stream log to the specified file
  21. Added: (Delphi only) EurekaLog units in uses list are wrapped into IFDEF block
  22. Added: Call stack, modules and processes use different colors now. For call stacks: red indicates exception line, black - stack frame entry (positive), grey - RAW (could be false-positive), other colors - service entries
  23. Added: Support for DataSnap applications. Do not forget to enable EurekaLog for background threads (either as "Enable for RTL threads" or as SetEurekaLogStateInThread in OnConnect handler)
  24. Added: Handler name property for exception info and ability to filter with it. Handler name indicates handler which is processing the exception, it can be used to distinguish between VCL, Thread, DataSnap exceptions, etc.
  25. Added: Ability to filter by descendant classes
  26. Added: ACompareForCount argument to DumpAllocationsToFile routine
  27. Fixed: Reduced ecc32/emake memory footprint, thus allowing to post-process larger projects
  28. Fixed: Debug information design-time performace optimizations (reduced compilation time)
  29. Fixed: Debug information run-time performace optimizations (reduced startup time)
  30. Fixed: Minor optimizations for call stack to string render
  31. Fixed: Display bug in detailed EurekaLog dialog tabs when not all tabs were showing
  32. Fixed: [10.1 Berlin] Weak references are no longer detected as leaks
  33. Fixed: A "recursive area removed" mark may be left in call stack even if area's items were filtered out
  34. Fixed: Fatal errors (e.g. panic mode) now properly set terminate option in dialogs
  35. Fixed: Possible crash on startup when using certain 3rd party memory managers
  36. Fixed: Possible crash when EurekaLog's debug mode is enabled
  37. Fixed: XML header of bug reports
  38. Fixed: Added workaround for OTA bug when {$E ext} is used in project
  39. Fixed: (C++ Builder only) Possible crash when handling certain exceptions
  40. Fixed: Firebird Embedded in Viewer was upgraded to 2.5.6. This solves a rare encoding problem when using Firebird backend
  41. Fixed: (Delphi 2005 and earlier) Bug in workaround for http://qc.embarcadero.com/wc/qcmain.aspx?d=3018
  42. Fixed: Checkboxes not respecting default state when switching between dialogs (e.g. MS Classic -> EurekaLog Detailed)
  43. Fixed: Visual glitches in EurekaLog dialogs when VCL styles are used
  44. Fixed: Compatibility with 3rd party software of password-encrypted ZIPs
  45. Improved: New call stack/assembler encryption when encrypt password is set for debug info
  46. Improved: Better call stack filtering from EL service routines when encryption is enabled
  47. Improved: Any share violation error during compilation will report which process is holding the file
  48. Changed: ecc32.exe and emake.exe are the same file for all IDEs. Current IDE is selected based on ecc32/emake file location or via --el_ide=num command-line option
  49. Removed: Web-based bug tracker support