18 August, 2009

Check your Delphi’s installation – it may be infected

First of all, a brief disclaimer:
This is not a notice about virus in EurekaLog! Please, do not misread/misunderstand this blog’s post.

May be EurekaLog’s blog is a bit unsuitable for this kind of post, but I decided to post it here anyway. The reason for this is that this threat is quite new, so not all anti-viruses can detect it (I’m aware only of Kaspersky’s anti-virus), it appears that large part of Russian Delphi’s developers are infected with this thing (not sure about other communities), and, finally, I’ve spotted a suspicious support tickets, that may be caused by this.

11 August, 2009

(Re)Installation of EurekaLog

The new RC is going out today, so I decided that it’s perfect time to write about (re)installation process. Some of you may have troubles with it, while most other don’t.