24 January, 2022

EurekaLog 7.10 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.10 version.

EurekaLog Logo
EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, JIRA, YouTrack, Redmine, Exceptionless, GitLab, and GitHub).
EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

To learn more about EurekaLog, please visit our website at:

To download a demo, please visit:

If you would like to purchase a new license, please visit:

Changes in 7.10 build:
  1. Added: Support for RAD Studio 11
  2. Added: Windows 11 detection
  3. Added: GitLab support
  4. Added: GitHub support
  5. Added: New tool: Crypto Helper
  6. Added: "Use inner exception" option to exception filters
  7. Added: Support for buffered logging. Default is OFF. Can be enabled via --el_debug_buffering command line switch or when using the new ABufferSize argument in the ELogOpen function. Use the new ELogFlush function to flush buffer to disk before exiting process/thread
  8. Added: uROCOMInit to PreInitUnits
  9. Added: Additional protection for passwords inside executables and options
  10. Added: EurekaLog's configurations now have desriptions. You can enter descriptions for custom configs when saving/exporting options
  11. Added: UI option to disable EurekaLog on RAD Studio 2007 and earlier (as base config only, will not work for profiles)
  12. Added: Ability (option) to partially match exception message in exception filters
  13. Added: More public crypto functions
  14. Added: If bug tracker sender will fail to upload the file - the comment with error message will be added
  15. Added: EBase.SetExceptionMessage helper routine to change exception message in exception object as well as in EurekaLog
  16. Added: atEurekaLogInitializing / atEurekaLogInitialized action types for OnExceptionActionEvent
  17. Added: Support for CC and BCC special headers to SMTP Client
  18. Added: More info is extracted for MS C++ exceptions
  19. Added: More info for stack overflow exceptions
  20. Added: CanCallMemWipeStack function, now MemWipeStack will not be called when it is not safe (this also fixes rare crashes in unconventional environments)
  21. Added: atExceptionHandling / atExceptionHandled action types
  22. Added: ThreadStackGuarantee option, EnsureThreadStack function, _resetstkoflw function
  23. Added: New options for HTTP upload send method
  24. Added: "Delete bug report file at startup" option
  25. Added: Merging includes/generics - as workaround for excessive info in latest IDEsv
  26. Added: Removing invalid rogue line entries - as workaround for linker bugs
  27. Added: Convenient wrappers around EurekaLog functions: __MODULE__, __UNIT__, __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__ (EDebugInfo); __DATE__, __TIME__ (EModules)
  28. Added: Command-line arguments for ManageProfiles.exe tool
  29. Added: Workaround for RSP-31458
  30. Added: New "GDI objects", "USER objects", "kernel handles" fields in crash reports
  31. Added: Support for SysUtils.ResStringLoad (RAD Studio 10.4)
  32. Added: Support for {$LIBSUFFIX AUTO}
  33. Added: Now EurekaLog would allow you to copy entire bug report if no text is selected in dialogs, and copy selected text only if there is something selected.
  34. Added: [Viewer] Added option for switching between time zones
  35. Added: [Viewer] "View in new instance" option for context menu of bug reports - to open report in new standalone instance of the Viewer
  36. Fixed: More customizations for themes. EConsts now have global vars (look for ECol... and color_...), TBaseDialog have new virtual methods. Now EurekaLog is compatible with VCL Styles Utils library by RRUZ. You can add the following units after ExceptionLog7,{$ENDIF}: Vcl.Styles.Ext, Vcl.Styles.Utils, Vcl.Styles.Fixes, Vcl.Styles.Hooks, Vcl.Styles.ColorTabs, Vcl.Styles.FormStyleHooks, Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysControls, Vcl.Styles.Utils.SysStyleHook, Vcl.Styles.Utils.Menus, Vcl.Styles.WebBrowser, Vcl.Styles.ControlColor, Vcl.Styles.Utils.ComCtrls, Vcl.Styles.Utils.StdCtrls
  37. Fixed: Various fixes for working in low integrity applications
  38. Fixed: Possible memory leak in multi-threading apps in RAD Studio 11 Alexandia
  39. Fixed: Very rare hang on startup (LookupAccountSid may hang for offline/unavailable domains)
  40. Fixed: Compatibility issues in the YouTrack API
  41. Fixed: Exception filter changes exception message in bug report, while it should do this only for dialogs
  42. Fixed: Rare case of two EurekaLog error dialogs (within the same process) fighting over top most window
  43. Fixed: Removed hard-coded colors in dialogs
  44. Fixed: Added workaround for RSP-35509/RSP-36171
  45. Fixed: Various improvements for GetIt installation
  46. Fixed: Various minor UI improvements
  47. Fixed: Issues with exception filters saving
  48. Fixed: Cues in options dialog on ANSI IDEs
  49. Fixed: Rare wrong error message for failed dialog
  50. Fixed: Very rare range check error
  51. Fixed: Access violation in ecc32 when injection of debug info is disabled
  52. Fixed: Possible leak when processing non-Delphi exceptions
  53. Fixed: Global exception counter was off by 1
  54. Fixed: Better User-Agent HTTP header (also added virtual UserAgent function for user overloads)
  55. Fixed: Added few workarounds for anti-virus locking files ("Cannot create file")
  56. Fixed: Improved behaviour for automatic restarts
  57. Fixed: User e-mail will no longer be copied from license e-mail for Company and Corporate licenses
  58. Fixed: Rare crash when retrieving Windows user's email
  59. Fixed: Expected exceptions will no longer register towards global exception counter (also disables auto-crash logic for expected exceptions)
  60. Fixed: Minor UI improvements in project options dialog
  61. Fixed: Significant post-processing performance boost for huge projects with large amount of generics
  62. Fixed: "Restart/terminate after N errors" option now will be reflected by dialog
  63. Fixed: E-mail and reproduce controls were hidden if send consent was disabled
  64. Fixed: DumpAllocationsToFile may sometimes fail
  65. Fixed: Rare crash when using RAW memory stack tracing
  66. Fixed: Possible IDE crash when you manually unload EurekaLog's IDE expert
  67. Fixed: Possible variant conversion error when opening project options (old IDEs)
  68. Fixed: EurekaLog project options dialog now will shrink to fit on small desktops
  69. Fixed: Updating installer to be DPI awared
  70. Fixed: Minor improvements for internal crash reports
  71. Fixed: More precise address for "raise at" constructs
  72. Fixed: Minor improvements and polishing for run-time errors / Invalid Pointer
  73. Fixed: Behaviour for memory checks now respects use safe mode option
  74. Fixed: .map parsing for modified or 3rd party .map files
  75. Fixed: Possible crash in RAW tracing for memory leaks
  76. Fixed: Bug in offsets calculation when setting low-level hooks (rare crash)
  77. Fixed: EurekaLog may fail to create a temp file when you are switching user in a thread (impersonation)
  78. Fixed: [Win64] Building call stacks starting with invalid location
  79. Fixed: [Win64] Possible conflict between two instances of EurekaLog in two different modules
  80. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Various issues with .map parsing (mostly for 64-bit/LLVM)
  81. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Possible crash when using EMemLeaksBCB.cpp in 64-bit
  82. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Adding/removing EurekaLog when working with custom configs from sub-profiles
  83. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Issues with removing EL's obj files from C++ projects when EUREKALOG conditional symbol is not defined; the old behaviour can be enabled via hidden CBuilderSwitchUnits option
  84. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Crash when reporting memory errors after EurekaLog shutdowns
  85. Fixed: [Viewer] Very rare access violation
  86. Fixed: [Viewer] Possible hang on startup if default printer is unavailable network printer
  87. Fixed: [Viewer] Updated auto-downloader to use latest TLS
  88. Fixed: [Viewer] Recompiled with latest DevExpress, fixes various DevExpress issues
  89. Fixed: Various minor improvements
  90. Changed: Injected options are now packed by default even if debug information is not
  91. Changed: Now Viewer will view reports in new window by default. This could be changed back in Viewer's settings
  92. Changed: Minor change in compilation statistics in ecc32 output
  93. Removed: Importing old EurekaLog 6 settings