29 June, 2018

EurekaLog 7.7 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.7 version.

EurekaLog Logo
EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, and JIRA).
EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

To learn more about EurekaLog, please visit our website at:

To download a demo, please visit:

If you would like to purchase a new license, please visit:

  1. Important: Debug information is no longer compressed by default (for faster speed and lower memory usage), check your options if you want smaller executables
  2. Important: Some events were changed (signature)
  3. Important: "Use Main Module Options" option was removed. Please, use external configurations
  4. Important: Options that do not affect EurekaLog at run-time are changed to read-only. Use EBase, EMemLeaks, EResLeaks, EFreeze units to control some of these options.
  5. Added: Support for Redmine bug tracker
  6. Added: Default implementation for OnExceptionError event. Set ACallNextHandler to False if you assign this event handler and do not want the default behaviour. You can switch to old behaviour by assigning an empty event handler
  7. Added: CRAM-MD5 and CRAM-SHA1 SMTP AUTH
  8. Added: Manual validation of SSL server certificates (better logging and diagnostic)
  9. Added: New UI for enabling/disabling EurekaLog in projects
  10. Added: New options for debug information
  11. Added: Improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile (note that signature has changed)
  12. Added: "Use call stack heuristic for grouping" option (previosly this option was permanently enabled)
  13. Added: Option for non-visual app types; hides message boxes (see in "Hooks")
  14. Added: File-based method to enable run-time debug mode; new "unique" naming mode
  15. Added: Added ability to select SSL/TLS for e-mail wrapper functions (see wrapper functions in ESendMail unit)
  16. Added: Hook for TObject.Free (when low-level hooks are enabled) allows early notification about double-free errors
  17. Added: Options for customizing statuses for bug trackers (sndBugZillaInProcessStatuses, sndJIRAClosedStatuses, sndJIRAOpenedStatuses, sndMantisClosedStatuses, sndMantisInProcessStatuses, sndRedmineClosedStatuses, sndRedmineOpenedStatuses)
  18. Added: Wipe stack on idle option and MemWipeStack function
  19. Added: IPV6 support for network info in bug reports
  20. Added: Finalization order error detection for shared memory manager
  21. Added: IsFreezeCheckInstalled / IsFreezeCheckEnabled
  22. Added: Support for non-text and multi-select custom fields in JIRA
  23. Added: Viewer caches ZIP password
  24. Added: .ForceTerminate and .ForceRestart methods and .TerminateBtnEnabled property to TEurekaModuleOptions.
  25. Fixed: Various issues with UseMainModules option
  26. Fixed: Files are not attached when "Pack report" options is disabled (you have to re-setup send options)
  27. Fixed: Mantis/BugZilla project version search
  28. Fixed: Mantis sender leak
  29. Fixed: Added support for \\?\ prefix
  30. Fixed: Max reports in file can't be set to 0 (unlimited)
  31. Fixed: You no longer need to uncheck "Capture stack only for exceptions from current module" option when using EurekaLog-enabled DLLs
  32. Fixed: EurekaLog Viewer now always shows dates in your local time zone
  33. Fixed: Wrong configuration may be used in some cases when compiled from command-line
  34. Fixed: Possible crash when creating bug report while there are non-started threads
  35. Fixed: Possible "Unsupported project" for corrupted .dprojs
  36. Fixed: Missing "Statistics" page
  37. Fixed: Parsing complex generics names
  38. Fixed: Added workaround for various linker bugs (mostly generics-related in older IDEs)
  39. Fixed: ThreadID may be lost in CreateThread hook
  40. Fixed: Mantis sender may crash on older IDEs
  41. Fixed: Improved support for .inc and generics
  42. Fixed: Exception dialog may appear twice for same exception in background thread
  43. Fixed: Possible range-check error on Win64 in logging code
  44. Fixed: Added workaround for damaged stack frames in Win64
  45. Fixed: Crash when sending leaks report with background thread (latest IDEs only)
  46. Fixed: Leaks when extracting encrypted ZIPs
  47. Fixed: Added workaround for Delphi 5 synchronize issue
  48. Fixed: Added accounting bug file name options when testing sending
  49. Fixed: REX prefis is ignored for some valid opcodes
  50. Fixed: DataSnap hooks are updated to the 10.2 Tokyo
  51. Fixed: Range check errors on invalid Base64 input
  52. Fixed: [Regression] Encrypted debug information may fail dialogs
  53. Fixed: Rare crash on startup
  54. Fixed: Stack overflow reporting improved
  55. Fixed: Rare hang when creating bug report
  56. Fixed: 3rd party directives are preserved when modifying uses clause in .dpr
  57. Fixed: Rare ignoring REX prefix in 64-bit disasm
  58. Fixed: Various time zone related issues in Viewer
  59. Fixed: Improved AQTime support
  60. Fixed: Various issues with shared MM
  61. Fixed: Possible crash during memory leaks detection at shutdown
  62. Fixed: Stability issues with MS debug info provider
  63. Fixed: Performance fixes for DLL exports provider
  64. Fixed: Updated DbgHelp to latest version
  65. Fixed: Unit namespaces
  66. Fixed: [C++ Builder] Possible crash on DLL startup
  67. Fixed: Improved read-only project support in IDE
  68. Fixed: Various range check issues with memory leaks on Win64
  69. Fixed: Several parsing issues for uses clause in .dpr
  70. Fixed: [Delphi 2007 and earlier] Exception may be marked as expected when memory filter is not enabled
  71. Fixed: Overlapping checkboxes in EurekaLog-style dialog
  72. Fixed: Compatibility issues with VMWare App Volume
  73. Fixed: [Viewer] Visual glitches when screenshot tab is active on changing reports