01 April, 2015

EurekaLog 7.2 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.2 version.

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EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, and JIRA).
EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

To learn more about EurekaLog, please visit our website at:

To download a demo, please visit:

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Upgrade policy:

If you would like to purchase an upgrade, this is our upgrade discount policy:

  1. All updates (to minor and major versions) are fully free for 1 year;
  2. All updates (to minor and major versions) after first year are sold with 50% discount;
  3. Updates to a different license type of the same major version are sold at only price difference (example: from Single Professional version to Company Enterprise);

Buy your upgrade or download your full version here:

  1. Important: TEurekaLogV7 component was renamed to TEurekaLogEvents. Please, update your projects by renaming or recreating the component
  2. Important: File layout was changed for BDS 2006+. Delphi and C++ Builder files are now located in StudioNum folders instead of old DelphiNum and CBuilderNum folders. Update your search paths if needed
  3. Added: Major improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile function (EMemLeaks unit)
  4. Added: MemLeaksSetParentBlock, MemLeaksOwn, EurekaTryGetMem functions (EMemLeaks unit)
  5. Added: Improvements for call stack of dynarrays/strings allocations (leaks)
  6. Added: "Elem size" when reporting leaks in dynarrays
  7. Added: Streaming unpacked debug info into temporal files instead of memory - this greatly reduces run-time application memory usage at cost of slightly slower exception processing. This also reduces memory footprint for ecc32/emake
  8. Added: Showing call stacks for 2 new types of fatal memory errors
  9. Added: EMemLeaks._ReserveOutOfMemory to control reserve size of out of memory errors (default is 50 Mb)
  10. Added: "MinLeaksLimitObjs" option (EMemLeaks unit)
  11. Added: Fatal memory problem now pauses all threads in application
  12. Added: Fatal memory problem now change thread name (to simplify debugging)
  13. Added: boPauseELThreads and boDoNotPauseELServiceThread options (currently not visible in UI)
  14. Added: Support for texts collections out of default path
  15. Added: Support for relative file paths to text collections and external settings
  16. Added: Support for environment variables in project option's paths
  17. Added: Support for relative file paths and environment variables for events and various module paths
  18. Added: Logging in Manage tool
  19. Added: Windows 10 version detection
  20. Added: Stack overflow tracing
  21. Added: Major improvements in removal of recursive areas from call stack
  22. Added: Statistics collection
  23. Added: Support for uploading multiple files in JIRA
  24. Added: EResLeaks improvements (new funcs: ResourceAdd, ResourceDelete, ResourceName; support for realloc-like functions)
  25. Fixed: Added workaround for bug in JIRA 5.x
  26. Fixed: Rare EurekaLog internal error
  27. Fixed: Ignored unhandled thread exceptions (when EurekaLog is disabled) now triggers default OS processing (WER)
  28. Fixed: Irnored exceptions (via per-exception/events) now bring up default RTL handler
  29. Fixed: Format error in Viewer
  30. Fixed: Leak of EurekaLog exception information object
  31. Fixed: Wrong chaining exceptions inside GetMem/FreeMem
  32. Fixed: Memory leak after low-level unhook of function
  33. Fixed: Re-parenting after ReallocMem
  34. Fixed: Editing SMTP server options
  35. Fixed: SMTP server not using real user e-mail in FROM field
  36. Fixed: Some multi-threading crashes
  37. Fixed: Fixed crashes in Manage tool
  38. Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer
  39. Fixed: EurekaLog error dialog appearing under other windows
  40. Fixed: AV when parsing TDS (emake/C++ Builder specific)
  41. Fixed: Unable to build call stacks for other threads due to insufficient rights
  42. Fixed: Version checks for BugZilla and JIRA
  43. Fixed: Not catching out-of-module AVs when "Capture exceptions only from current module" option is checked
  44. Fixed: Checking for remaining exceptions at shutdown (C++ Builder specific, AcquireExceptionObject returns wrong info)
  45. Fixed: "get call stack of ... threads" / "suspend ... threads" options (avoid rare multithreading race conditions)
  46. Fixed: Crash when naming thread without EurekaLog thread info
  47. Fixed: Detection of immediate caller for memory funcs
  48. Fixed: Non-working Assign for options
  49. Fixed: Handling of explicitly chained exceptions
  50. Fixed: Various exception/threading fixes for MS debug provider
  51. Fixed: Processing hardware unhandled exceptions (QC #55007)
  52. Fixed: Unchecking dialog options when export/import
  53. Fixed: BSTR leak
  54. Fixed: JIRA decimal separator bug
  55. Changed: Now unhandled exceptions will be handled by EurekaLog even if EurekaLog is disabled in the thread - only global EurekaLog-enabled status is respected
  56. Changed: Viewer version now matches version of EurekaLog
  57. Changed: DeleteServiceFilesOption now always False by default
  58. Changed: Speed improvements for known memory leaks (reserved leaks)
  59. Changed: Improved logging for sending
  60. Changed: Switching to detailed mode without entering (mandatory) e-mail: now EL will not block this
  61. Changed: .ToString for exception info now uses compact stack formatter
  62. Removed: Custom field editor (replaced it with link to "Custom" page)
  63. Removed: EurekaLog 7 no longer could be installed over EurekaLog 6. Manage tool from EurekaLog 7 will no longer work with EurekaLog 6.