03 June, 2013

EurekaLog 7.0.06 is out

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new 7.0.06 version.

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EurekaLog is a tool for Delphi and C++Builder that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory/resource leak, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with unit, procedure and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web via the most used Web Bug-Tracking tools (as Mantis, BugZilla, FogBugz, and JIRA).
EurekaLog represents the most advanced exception and memory leaks logger technology available for Delphi/C++Builder developers.

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Upgrade policy:

If you would like to purchase an upgrade, this is our upgrade discount policy:

1)...All updates (to minor and major versions) are fully free for 1 year;
2)...All updates (to minor and major versions) after first year are sold with 50% discount;
3)...Updates to a different license type of the same major version are sold at only price difference (example: from Single Professional version to Company Enterprise);
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  1. Added: Experimental 64 bit C++ Builder support
  2. Added: New tab in EurekaLog project options: "External tools"
  3. Added: Option to catch all IDE errors (to debug your own IDE packages)
  4. Added: Option to catch only exceptions from current module
  5. Added: Option to defer building call stack
  6. Added: RAD Studio XE4 support
  7. Added: Support for AppWave
  8. Fixed: Fixed event handlers declarations for the EurekaLog component
  9. Fixed: Infinite recursive calls when using ToString from EndReport event handler
  10. Fixed: UPX compatibility issue
  11. Fixed: Range check errors for system error codes
  12. Fixed: Rare IDE stack overflow
  13. Fixed: JIRA unit was not added automatically
  14. Fixed: EurekaLog no longer tries to check for leaks when memory manager filter is disabled
  15. Fixed: Possible deadlock on shutdown with freeze checks active
  16. Fixed: Issues with settings dialog and Win32 Service application type
  17. Fixed: ThreadSnapshot tool was not able to take snapshots of Win64 processes
  18. Fixed: WCT is disabled for leaks
  19. Fixed: TContext declarations for Win64
  20. Fixed: Check for updates now correctly sets time of last check
  21. Fixed: (Win64) Several Pointer <> Integer convertion errors
  22. Fixed: Internal error when exception info object was deleted while it was still used by SysUtils exception object
  23. Fixed: Semeral problems with "EurekaLog look & feel" style for EurekaLog error dialog
  24. Fixed: Using text collection resets exception filters
  25. Fixed: Rare access violation if registering event handlers is placed too early
  26. Fixed: SMTP RFC date formatting
  27. Fixed: Rare empty call stack bug
  28. Fixed: Hang detection was not working if EurekaLog was disabled in threads
  29. Fixed: AV for double-free TEncoding
  30. Changed: ecc32/emake no longer alters arguments for dcc32/make unless new options --el_add_default_options is specified
  31. Changed: Save/load options methods was moved to TEurekaModuleOptions class
  32. Changed: Saving options to EOF file now adds hidden options and removes obsolete options (only when compatibility mode is off)
  33. Changed: Compiling installed packages now silently ignores EurekaLog instead of showing "File is in use" error message
  34. Improved: More readable disk/memory sizes in bug reports
  35. Improved: More descriptive settings dialog when using external configuration
  36. Improved: ThreadSnapshot tool now aquired DEBUG priviledge for taking snapshot. This allows it to bypass security access checks when opening target process.
  37. Improved: Changed BugID default generation to include error code for OS errors and error message for DB errors
  38. Improved: Mantis API (WSDL) was updated to the latest version (1.2.14)
  39. Improved: IntraWeb compatibility (old and new versions)
  40. Improved: COM applications compatibility
  41. Improved: Build events now accept shell commands
  42. Improved: More articles in help