24 January, 2013

Introducing JIRA support in EurekaLog

EurekaLog 7 now support JIRA bug tracker software.

JIRA is a popular issue and project tracker software by Atlassian. It's based on JAVA and allows external connections via REST/JSON based API.

EurekaLog RC 6 introduces integration support with JIRA. It's available in all supported IDEs. It's implemented very similary to other supported bug trackers. You can configure sending to JIRA in EurekaLog project options. We also have a JIRA configuration guide.

Once you've set all things up - your application will submit bug reports to your JIRA installation. New issues will be created for new bugs. Duplicate reports can be merged with "Count" custom field. You have the usual ability to allow/stop collecting reports at any time. As well as configure feedback with tags in comments.

Please note that JIRA support is currently available in test build only. It is new, and it was tested much less than existing integration with Mantis/BugZilla/FogBugz software (which was in EurekaLog for a very long time). Therefore, you should thoughtfully check how you application will interact with your JIRA installation. Make sure that integration behaves as you expect. You can easily customize default behaviour with subclassing. JIRA support unit is ESendAPIJIRA, class is TELTrackerJIRASender.

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