07 June, 2012

Upgrading to EurekaLog 7

This short article will describe the process of upgrading your projects to EurekaLog 7.

Important Note: please see most recent version of this documentation here.

Obtaining EurekaLog 7

If you buy previous version of EurekaLog in 90-days range before release of EurekaLog 7 stable - then you will get a free upgrade to EurekaLog 7 (with the same edition and license kind). Also, you get free license if you was active during private/public beta-testing of EurekaLog 7.

All free licenses will be granted automatically. You don't need to do anything. The upgrade process will take some time (few days). When it will be completed - you should see your new/updated license in your control panel. If you forget your password - you can recover it by using this page.

If you're not eligible for a free upgrade - then you can buy an update. Updates from older versions are sold with 50% discounts. To buy upgrade you should log in to your control panel. If you forget your password - you can recover it by using this page. You should see "Buy upgrade" option in your control panel. The available options and prices are changed based on your current license.

Once update is obtained (either as free upgrade or you bought it) - you will see download links to full version of EurekaLog 7 in your control panel. Be sure to use the correct login/password pair that is sent to you in order notification e-mail. Make sure this e-mail is not blocked. Check your spam folder.

If you have any problems with buying/upgrading/licenses - ask us (sales department).

Installing EurekaLog 7 over EurekaLog 6

You don't need to uninstall EurekaLog 6 before installing EurekaLog 7. Both versions could be installed on the same machine. You can switch between EurekaLog versions by using Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage menu item (make sure to run it under administrator account).

EurekaLog 7 will install itself in disabled state, so your EurekaLog 6 installation should not be affected. And you can always activate any version of EurekaLog at any time by using Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage menu item.

Be sure to close all running IDE instances when installing/uninstalling EurekaLog or using Manage menu item.

More detailed information on using both versions of EurekaLog.

Of course, you can fully uninstall EurekaLog 6 and then install EurekaLog 7. However, you must be sure that your project will work. If you haven't tried this yet - then abandoning EurekaLog 6 is not a wise move.

Possible installation issues

If you do not see EurekaLog 7 in your IDE - please use Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage menu item to activate it (make sure to run it under administrator account).

For other issues - please see our troubleshooting guide.

To diagnose installation problems - please run C:\Program Files (x86)\EurekaLab\EurekaLog 7\Bin\InstallDiag.exe tool to generate log file. You can send this log to us. Additionally you may attach installation log which can be found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\EurekaLab\EurekaLog 7\InstallDiag.log

Upgrading your project to EurekaLog 7

EurekaLog 7 contains A LOT of changes from EurekaLog 6. We beta-tested EurekaLog 7 for 1.5 years - about half year of public beta testing and 17 months of private beta-testing. And we done much to ensure that upgrade process will be as much painless as possible. However, we surely do not expect that upgrade process will go smooth. There always be problems. There are tons of real-life live EurekaLog-enabled projects around the world, and we just can not test them all.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to do - is to backup your project before opening it in IDE with EurekaLog 7 installed. Typically, you only need to backup your project files (i.e. like Project1.*). Then you can open your project in EurekaLog 7.

We plan that you can open your project and it should work. I.e. your settings will be imported and converted, your EurekaLog code will work unchanged, etc. This is done by using "EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode". This mode is enabled for all old projects. It exposes old functionality, features and behavior. You can enable/disable it under "Project" / "EurekaLog options" IDE menu item. We tried to cover as much things as possible. But there may be something left. In this case you can report the problem to us and we will change it.

If you create new project or disables "EurekaLog 6 compatibility mode" - then obsolete behavior/features of EurekaLog 6 will not be accessible. You should use new features instead. The list of changes are available here.

Compilation problems

If you encounter errors like "File XYZ was compiled with different version of ABC" - then your project uses mix of old and new files.
  • Be sure to clear your project from old .dcu, .obj and other generated files.
  • Make sure that your project do not contain explicit search paths to other EurekaLog version.
  • Make sure that your IDE do not contain explicit search paths to other EurekaLog version.
  • Try to run a disk-wide file search for EurekaLog and your project files. See if there are any unexpected duplicates.
  • Sometimes it's possible that IDE do not update changes in settings. Try to run Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage tool and click on "No EurekaLog" and then - on "EurekaLog 7 with IDE expert" (make sure you close IDE before doing that and make sure to run the Manage tool under administrator account). If this will not help - try to (re)setup search paths for your IDE as explained here.

Reverting project back to EurekaLog 6

We understand that there may be cases when upgrading project will take much efforts and you may want to temporarily switch back to EurekaLog 6 until issues are resolving. That's where your project's backup come in. You can switch IDE to use EurekaLog 6 (by using Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Manage menu item) and restore your project from a backup, then continue to work on it.

If you didn't make a backup of your projects - then you need to switch IDE to EurekaLog 6 and go to "Project" / "EurekaLog project options" menu item and re-setup all options (if needed).

Get familiar with changes in EurekaLog 7

EurekaLog 7 has many changes. Some old ways of doing things were changed. Some are considered obsolete and replaced with other methods.

You can find demos under Start/Programs/EurekaLog 7/Demos menu item.
You can find quick-start guides here.
You can watch video tutorials here (require Adobe Flash Player and JavaScript).
You can read migration reference here.

Get support with upgrading

If you can't resolve some issue with upgrading - then just ask us (tech-support department). However, be aware that we currently have tons of questions due to release of EurekaLog 7. Therefore replies may be delayed as we're trying to answer these questions. All found issues should be fixed ASAP. We hope for your understanding.

We suggest you to try to find answer on your question before asking - this may get you result/answer faster. We have demos, guides, tutorials, and extensive help.