13 March, 2012

EurekaLog RC 3 (public Win64 test release)

We've just released EurekaLog 7 RC 3.

EurekaLog Logo

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new EurekaLog version (RC 3). The main addition for RC 3 is first public access to Win64 support in EurekaLog. You can download and install EurekaLog 7 RC 3 to try EurekaLog for Win64. For more information about installing a beta - see here. For installing both EurekaLog 6 and EurekaLog 7 on the same machine - see here.

Note: this is a beta version. Each application compiled with beta will expired after 30 days. Do not use it for production.

EurekaLog for Win64 quick walktrough

Create new project and right-click on "Platforms" node in project manager:

Platforms context menu
Click on "Add platform..." command and you'll see adding platform dialog:

Adding new platform to project
Select "64-bit Windows", check "Make the selected platform active" option and click OK.

Project configured for Win64
Now to go Project/EurekaLog project options:

EurekaLog project options under Project menu (image is clickable)
Check "Activate EurekaLog" option and select type of your application (usually - VCL Forms):

Enabling EurekaLog for the project (click to enlarge/zoom in)
Now, build your project. If you have enabled visual feedback - you should see EurekaLog-processing stage at the end of the build process:

EurekaLog processes your project
Run your project and try to do something bad. In my example I'll just do:
raise Exception.Create('Error Message');
in the OnClick event of the button.

So, when I click on the button - I get usual EurekaLog error dialog:

Win64 MS Classic Error Dialog
You can click on "click here" link to see detailed report:

64-bit call stack (click to zoom in/enlarge)
64-bit CPU view (click to  enlarge/zoom in)
So, that's it!

Win64 support status

Basically, EurekaLog for Win64 is very similar to EurekaLog for Win32 with few exceptions:
  • Not all options are applicable for Win64 (for example, stack tracing method option is ignored).
  • Win64 disassembler is not ready.
  • EurekaLog for Win32 and EurekaLog for Win64 may behave slightly different - due to difference in exception processing on Win32/Win64.

It's also highly recommended to use the latest Delphi XE2 update pack for EurekaLog 7 RC 3.

EurekaLog Tools Pack

EurekaLog Tools Pack was also updated with Win64 counter-equivalents of some tools which depends on bitness (module analyzer, threads snapshot, etc) - while most tools still has only 32-bit version. 64-bit EurekaLog Tools are also included into EurekaLog 7 RC 3.

Please note that 64-bit executables will only be installed on 64-bit system. On the other hand, Win64 support in EurekaLog can be installed on any system - 32-bit and 64-bit.


We're waiting on your feedback. Tell us what you think!