19 December, 2011

Announcing public EurekaLog 7 beta

Get a free EurekaLog 7 license! ;)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the first EurekaLog 7 public beta.

You can download it from "Delphi downloads" on our web-site.

We also would like to invite you to participate into EurekaLog User Survey, which you can take here.

How to try EurekaLog 7

EurekaLog 7 can be installed with EurekaLog 6. You can switch between EurekaLog's versions by using new "Manage" menu item in Start Menu/Programs.

You can find more information here.

Differences with EurekaLog 6

EurekaLog 7 is similar to EurekaLog 6. The only important difference for quick start - is that you need to select your application type after activating EurekaLog in your projects.

Please, look though Quick Start Tutorials guide to quickly learn about changes.

EurekaLog 7 and exising EurekaLog 6-projects

EurekaLog 7 changes some behaviour and introduces new features. In order to keep backward compatibility we decided to add so-called "EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode". You can access it in EurekaLog project options on "General" tab.

The idea is when you open old project - it will be opened (imported) in "EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode". When you create new project - it will be created with "EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode" turned off. When "EurekaLog 6 Compatibility Mode" is turned on - the EurekaLog behaviour will be the same as EurekaLog 6, so you would not need to change anything in your old existing projects!

Where to get information

EurekaLog 7 has much more detailed help than EurekaLog 6. However, we're still writing it. Help can be accessed localy (via Start Menu or via F1 key in EurekaLog's windows) or Online.

Code reference is under construction, but you can find header files in \Source sub-folder of your EurekaLog 7 installation (it's C:\Program Files (x86)\EurekaLab\EurekaLog 7\Source\ by default). Full source code will be available only for Enterprise edition of EurekaLog, but any edition has partial source code available!

We also plan to start publising blog articles about new and extended EurekaLog 7 features and typical use cases. Stay tuned for more info!

You can find list of changes in EurekaLog 7 here (list is not complete yet!).

Participate in beta - win EurekaLog license!

We would like to reward you for participating in EurekaLog 7 beta testing. Most active beta testers will receive a free EurekaLog 7 Enterprise license! (and possibly other editions - as consolation prize) This applies to both existing customers and even non-EurekaLog users.

What you need to do? Just install EurekaLog 7 and try to use it. Report any bug you found. Or just share opinion and feedback. Or make a code contribution. The more information you submit - the higher are chances to win licenses.

How to submit an information? You can either use build-in feedback sending methods or use tech-support form. Be sure to use single e-mail address for all of your submissions. If you win - your EurekaLog license will be registered for that e-mail address. Please, don't use forums for that. Don't send your messages directly to the staff. Basically, if you got auto-responce message from our support system for your message - then it is registered for this offer.

Winners will be announced after releasing EurekaLog 7 stable. Amount of winners is not fixed and will be decided based on actual number of active beta-testers. The winners will be determinated by most useful contribution into EurekaLog's developing. The exact measure of usefulness is left for us to decide. One good detailed report can be more useful than few short reports (however, this doesn't mean that you need to write multi-page-so-long-to-read-boring-reports). We retain rights to change conditions of this offer.

If you will not win the license - then you still will be able to upgrade your existing EurekaLog license with 50% discount (or even for free, if you have buyed the license in the last 90 days before the release date of EurekaLog 7 stable).

Note: EurekaLog 7 release date is not set. EurekaLog 7 will be released, when it'll be ready. You can help us to release it faster by testing it.

Note: the only EurekaLog 7 edition available now is Trial (which you can download from our web-site). Other editions (like Professional and Enterprise) will only be accessible after releasing EurekaLog 7 stable.

Warning: this is first beta of EurekaLog. We strongly do not recomend to use it for real-life production projects.